Weeks 10-12/52

So I spent the majority of these weeks travelling around Asia, being Hong Kong, Japan and China. Time flew by while I was on holiday and with so much to do everyday I honestly wish that I could’ve spent more time overseas. Alas, there’s only so much annual leave available… I especially loved Japan as this was my first time there and it was a very small part of it (see map below and the dot for Sapporo) which I visited as part of a tour. There’s so much to actually do there!


Source: Lonely Planet Map of Japan

For Hong Kong, it was nice to catch up with my extended family there and also see some of my nieces and nephews. It has been five years since I visited so although some places were still quite familiar to me, others were quite foreign. I made an effort to also keep a mental note of the places that I went to within Hong Kong so next time I can actually find my way around without needing too much help!

Similarly, it’s been a long time since I went to China and it was my first time in the district of Panyu which is a district within Guangzhou. It was the least favourite destination out of the three, possibly because I was battling the flu and the weather was being uncooperative with rain occurring on every day while I was there.

By the end of my holiday, I had accumulated over 1000+ photos and would’ve actually had more if I had not lost my phone towards the end of my trip in Japan. So the next few entries will contain some of these photos and detail my journey in Hong Kong, Japan and China. Enjoy!


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