Hong Kong Highlights

I was in Hong Kong for roughly one and half weeks but surprisingly, I did the least over there in terms of sightseeing. It was more about visiting family and friends over there and catching up with them. This often involved yum cha, lunches and dinner – all Chinese style of course. So in this post, there’s a few things that  I enjoyed doing!

Tourist Attractions

tsim sha tsui.png

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

A stroll along the promenade is relaxing and breathtaking. During the day, you’re able to take in the harbour view where there are numerous commercial buildings (Hitachi, Panasonic, LG etc.) all lined up next to each other. Due to significant construction in the area, a section of the harbour was closed off unfortunately.

Garden of the Stars

It was meant to be an ‘avenue of the stars’ but it has been relocated to become a garden while construction projects are underway. There are commemorative sculptures of several celebrities including Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and others. There are also plaques recognising the status of a number of celebrities. Something to visit if you’re in the area but not really missing out on anything special if you don’t.

Egg Waffles/Egg puffs at North Point

north point egg wafflesAt North Point, you can find a small shop close to the train station there that sells gai daan jai (pronounced in Cantonese). There are a few shops in Hong Kong and back in Sydney that sell these but they are incomparable in quality to this one. There’s a thin brittle crust on the outside which gives away to a soft centre which is so very delicious. One waffle costs HK $15 while two costs HK $28. As I found out the hard way, one waffle is definitely more than enough for an individual. I loved it so much that after the first one, I ate the other one that was supposed to be for my family members. It didn’t help that I had yum cha for lunch only an hour before. After that, I was feeling quite bloated for the next two days and I couldn’t eat egg for at least two weeks because I felt sick every time I saw or smelt it…Lesson learnt.

1881 Heritage

Formerly known as the Marina Police Headquarters Compound, the site has been officially renamed to 1881 Heritage. We stumbled across this site after dinner one night and I’m glad that we did because it was an amazing sight to behold at night. It is a beautiful historic building that has been restored with a signal tower found on the first floor that is surrounded by lights. There is a fountain, stairs and waterfalls as well.


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