Eurovision 2016

Eurovision is back! It’s the time of the year where 27 countries compete to be the winner of this international TV song competition. Eurovision started in 1956 when just seven countries took part. Since then, it is gained a lot of popularity and interest with most participating nations seeing it as a unique opportunity to promote itself as a tourist destination. The official annual competition spans across a few days in early May, with the contest usually hosted by the country that won in the previous year.

The 2016 final is to be hosted in Stockholm, Sweden after Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow won in 2015 with the song ‘Heroes’. On the scoreboard, he scored 365 points, the third highest result in Eurovision history and was 62 points ahead of Russia who was the next winner. Visual effects, stage interaction and clever animation were the distinguishing factors that set him apart from the rest. It’s interesting to see that some entries this year have imitated elements of his act, especially in terms of clever animation. This year’s favourite, Sergey Lazarev from Russia is a clear example of this. The song is full of drama, intensity and key changes as well.

For Australia, this would be the 2nd time that we have competed in this competition. Last year, Australia had a guaranteed spot in the Eurovision final as a “once off goodwill gesture”, being newcomers to the competition. Despite being sick with the flu, Guy Sebastian performed well with his song ‘Tonight Again’ and was placed 5th behind Sweden, Russia, Italy and Belgium. This year, 2015 X-Factor winner Dami Im competed and was granted a spot in the final. Her stellar semi-final performance on Friday has put her in the spotlight and according to Luxbet, her odds of winning have halved to $5.00 since then.

Eurovision 2016 Final is being broadcast at 5am on Sunday 14/5/2016, with a repeat at 7:30pm.


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