Why these are the highest paying jobs in NSW

The latest ATO’s annual Taxation Statistics report released in March 2016 reveals that the highest paying jobs are surgeons and anaesthetists. In NSW, this is closely followed by financial dealers.

Surgeons: $304,398
Anaesthetists: $303,253
Financial Dealers: $285,007

Why Are They Paid So Well?

The price of education is one factor to consider when doctors become specialists rather than general practitioners. Assuming that residency only takes one year which is quite rare, a minimum of 13 years is required to become an anaesthetist. For surgeons, this would be longer. It is therefore likely that they will have a substantial sum of debt (>100k) in tuition fees and other costs before they actually start earning six digit figures.
Another reason is that they work very long hours and make life-or-death decisions under difficult circumstances. It can be a very stressful yet essential job. Just because they make it look easy doesn’t mean that it is.

Financial dealers are a bit harder to justify. According to Career Advice, financial dealers are people who have their own portfolio and make transactions for commodities and securities under their name. They use their equity to make a profit. In order to be successful at this role, one can assume that they have extensive knowledge and experience of the financial markets which could be one reason why they pay themselves so well. High stress levels are common as they deal in high value transactions and cope with the constant fluctuations of the markets.

The trend here is that jobs which are stressful, have long working hours and require a lot of study and/or experience are the ones that are paid so well.


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