Euro Trip ’16 – Food on the Move

Here’s a flipagram of some food that I had during my travels in Europe.

In no particular order, some honorable mentions are:

1. Ristorante Rugantino* – close to the Rudolfinum in Prague, one may find this small Italian restaurant that offers authentic meals and amazing desserts.
2. Der Fette Bulle* – located in central Frankfurt, this restaurant offers one of the best beef burgers in town. Service is quick and you’d find that it’s reasonably priced.
3. Arany Kaviar Restaurant* – An unforgettable fine dining experience! For the price of 13 euros (AUD $20~), you are able to enjoy a delicious three course lunch. For those who want to taste the restaurant’s high quality (but expensive) caviar, best to dine at night.
4. Duck and Waffle* – A restaurant that is featured in the Michelin guide, it offers traditional British cuisine and well worth at least one visit as it offers panoramic views of London on the 40th floor  of Heron Tower. When you’re there, try out their signature dish – Duck and Waffle. Best to book in advance and be aware that prices are expensive! (26 GBP to 68 GBP).
5. Barbecoa* – Founded by Jamie Oliver and located near St Paul’s Cathedral, the grilled meat is fantastic and the restaurant is very spacious, making for comfortable sitting. Again, quite pricey if you were to have a main and dessert (30 GBP – 50 GBP).

*This restaurant has been rated by Tripadvisor as #: 59, 7, 6, 545, 874 in that respective city.

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