Pokemon Go – Quick Start Guide

What is Pokemon Go?

It’s a free to play location-based virtual reality game created by the American developer, Niantic. Players walk around in real life trying to ‘catch’ the pokemon which show up in random areas on their virtual map. Landmarks or symbols are known as ‘pokestops’ or classified as ‘gyms’. There are two main goals to Pokemon Go: to catch every single Pokemon (currently at 142) and to take over as many gyms as possible. The following advice is designed to help you level quickly and become a Pokemon Master.

1. Go to a place where there are a lot of ‘Pokestops’. There are often lures already set up by people in these places and you’ll be regularly catching Pokemon. Each catch will give you 100 exp and an extra 500 exp if it’s new to your Pokedex.

2. Always try and catch every single Pokemon even if they are low cp. Transferring these back to the Professor will give an extra candy to evolve that Pokemon type faster. Pay particular attention to  pidgeys, caterpies and weedles as these ones only cost 12 candy to evolve and are fairly easy to find.

3. Use lucky egg only when you have several Pokemon ready to evolve. A lucky egg provides double exp for 30 minutes. When you use this in conjunction with evolving Pokemon, this rewards you with 1000 exp per evolution!

4. Incubate as many eggs as possible. Every egg hatched gives you 500 exp. The distance taken to hatch an egg varies between 2, 5 and 10 km. If you incubate all nine eggs simultaneously, this will eventually give you a whopping 4.5k experience.

5. Don’t bother battling gyms at the beginning for experience. By focusing on the above tips, you can level your trainer faster and as you do, the Pokemon that you start seeing will be higher cp as well, giving you an advantage in the longer run.

Nb. I spent around 4 hours this weekend following this guide and went from Level 9 to 15.


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