NEW must watch TV Series 2016!

  1. Narcos Season 2 – an American crime TV series that is centred on the Mexican kingpin Pablo Escobar. It chronicles his life and his rise to power (Season 1) and the hunt that would eventually bring him down (Season 2). Even if you are familiar with the Escobar story, this series has enough dramatic pace and tension-filled scenes to keep you hooked. You also get to continue to know more about Escobar’s double-life – as a hero to the Columbian people and as a highly wanted criminal to the government.
  2. Mr Robot Season 2 – If action isn’t really the right thing for you, Mr Robot may be the answer. The series follows a young and brilliant computer programmer called Elliot. His mental state is unstable and his character is depicted as introverted and paranoid. This is what makes the show interesting as the lines of reality are blurred through this unreliable narrator, making us unsure whether what he is saying or seeing is what is actually happening. In short, it’s an emotional thriller that will keep you guessing at everything.
  3. The Night Of* – An eight-part American crime series that was only released this year. It is a story about a complex murder case with cultural and political overtones. A show that is made for those who are of the investigative-type and like having minimal time commitment.
*Disclaimer: I haven’t watched any episodes of The Night Of
Image Credits:
1. Narcos , 2. Mr Robot , 3. The Night Of

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