Thoughts on Work: Should I stay or should I go?

I’ve recently had the dilemma of deciding whether I should be staying or leaving my current role which I’ve been in for over 1 year and nine months now. There’s often a rhythm to a career where we take on more responsibilities, new challenges and receive higher pay. A major problem is when this rhythm is interrupted which means I’m being either being too comfortable or complacent. When you’re not learning anything, it’s easier to become bored and begin to resent work. Upon the advice of one of my managers, I’ve decided to conduct a bit of self-analysis to resolve this career stagnation. The following table is what I came up with as a few reasons for staying as well as leaving.

staying or leaving.png

Having some more clarity surrounding this issue has made me realise that I haven’t taken advantage of two main benefits to this role which is: cross-functional learning and attainment of accreditations. So the plan is to spend the next two months doing exactly that before I reevaluate whether I want to move away from this role in search of greener pastures.


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