Living A Week in Sydney – Part 1

The following post is inspired by the Money Diaries Series which are posts written by millennials on the Refinery website that track how they spend their dollar over a seven day period. This is my version of it, enjoy!

Industry: Finance / Stockbroking
Age: 25
Location: Sydney, Australia
Monthly Expenses  Amount
Transport* ($40.50 x 4 weeks) $162.00
Phone Bill $28.00
Gym $55.80
Family^ $120.00
Health Insurance** $35.20
Total $401.00

*$40.50 is made of: $9.00 for a return bus trip every day for the first four weekdays. Opal’s weekly travel reward kicks in on Friday so I pay for travel at half price on that day.
^ I live at home so I am lucky that I don’t have to pay rent but I voluntarily pay my parents every month
** It’s going to be more expensive soon as my health cover is increasing by 4.90% from April 2017 onwards which means an extra $1.73 every month!

Day 1

6:30am – My alarm sounds and I wake up but I actually take around 10 minutes to properly get out of bed. I eat two hot cross buns from the weekend for breakfast before rushing out of the house to catch the bus.

8:10am – I arrive at work and grab three free copies of the daily newspaper; a copy for myself, a colleague and for my boss. I tend to do this on most days as I’m normally at work earlier than others.

1:15pm – I eat the first of many microwave meals to come as I’m not really bothered when it comes to cooking. I already had these meals from the weekend when I did my grocery shopping. This time it’s beef stroganoff with green pasta.

5:00pm – I finish work on time for once and head home to eat some spaghetti bolognaise made by my brother. I wash the dishes since he did the cooking.

10:30pm – I realise it’s time to sleep but I spend another hour anyway on the computer browsing on YouTube. I go to sleep about 12am.

Daily Total: $0.00

Day 2

6:40am – I wake up slightly later today and had to catch a later bus. I eat the last hot cross bun from the six pack that I had bought over the weekend and immediately regret not buying more. They’re too delicious!

2:00pm – It’s been a busy morning so time flew by and I eat a late lunch. This time it’s chicken pad thai with bok choy. Another microwave meal but not one that I would buy again as it’s nothing like the pad thai that you would find in normal restaurants.

7:00pm – A solitary dinner tonight, eating some leftovers from the weekend. Fried rice with beef brisket.

8:00pm – I realise I’m sitting too much at work so I decide to go to the gym and burn off some calories. I am surprised that there are so many people around but I am still able to use the gym equipment without waiting for someone else to finish their sets anyway.

11:30pm – I fail to meet my 10:30pm bedtime goal and call it a night at 11:30pm.

Daily Total: $0.00

Day 3

6:30am – I wake up feeling refreshed even though I didn’t really get that much sleep. Go figure.

8:00am – The traffic is terrific and I make it to work early. I use the extra time to read the newspaper in a leisurely manner. There are a few articles that are focused on Trump’s upcoming speech but I only take a quick skim of it before moving onto the next one. He’s getting way too much attention and I’m sick of hearing him say: “We Will Make America Great Again”.

11:40am – My boss unexpectedly introduces me to one of his clients when they come into our office for a meeting. I normally don’t wear my suit jacket but I put it on to make a good first impression. I realise when I walk in that I had already met this client before.

1:30pm – I eat a late lunch again. This time it’s teriyaki chicken with vegetables which is a significant improvement from yesterday’s lunch.

7:00pm – My brother decides that we should have ramen and stir fry vegetables for dinner. I agree with him, dinner should always be simple and quick. At least when I’m cooking (on the rare occasion that I do)!

10:30pm – I really want to go to the gym tomorrow so I am able to convince myself to sleep on time so that I have enough energy for it.

Daily Total: $0.00

Day 4

6:35am – Shock, horror! I find out that we’re almost out of mini burger pies. I eat the remaining three pies for breakfast and make a mental note to myself that I need to buy more next time I go grocery shopping.

8:15am – I am surprised that my boss came into work earlier than me today. After having a quick chat to him, I find out that he had two 45 minute gym sessions in the morning already…

1pm – I enjoy the pulled beef in red wine with sweet potato mash and peas… at my office desk. Still busy but at least the lunch is a tasty one.

6:30pm – I come back home from work to find out that we had more food in the house. My brother went grocery shopping while I was at work to stock up on our food supplies. The bill came to around $60 but he paid for it, thanks bro!

7:15pm – I make it to the gym! My session went for a bit over an hour and I’m feeling tired but happy that I was able to get some exercise done. It wasn’t that busy today as well compared to Tuesday.

Daily Total: $0.00

It’s been a record $0.00 spent so far… but that is going to change.

Stay Tuned, Part 2 coming soon!


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