Living A Week in Sydney – Part 2

Day 5

6:30am – I wake up and make some cup noodles for breakfast. It’s ‘Friyay’ so it feels like the sun is shining even though it’s been raining for most of this week, including today.

11:36am – A quiet morning so I make the most of it by eating my lunch earlier. Microwave meal consisting of Caribbean jerk steak with cauliflower and green beans. I know there’s bound to be some tasks that will pop up later as Friday is never a completely quiet day.

4:00pm – I’m right. A range of different enquiries and tasks came through in the late afternoon. I don’t really want to leave this for Monday so I stay back at work until 6pm to finish most of it.

7:13pm – I’m not satisfied with just chicken breast and roasted vegetables for dinner so I make a special trip to KFC to buy their 24 pack of nuggets for $10. It was definitely worth it. $10.00

8:16pm – I play some computer games with a couple of mates before calling it a night.

Daily Total: $10.00

Day 6

8:30am – It’s so nice to sleep in! I eat a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast which I made the night before and head straight to the the gym.

10:14am – I make a slight detour after gym to Bunnings to buy some drain cleaner for tree root removal. Every now and then our pipes become clogged with roots from the palm trees that we have on our property. Before it gets worse, I am hoping that the two packets of copper sulphate that I buy will prevent the plumber from visiting us. $13.98

1:00pm – I have lunch, read some articles on the internet and work on my blog. I do a bit of online shopping and I notice that there’s cheap offer by Kogan at the moment for prepaid mobile plans. I sign up for a yearly one. $209.93

7:00pm – My brother and I order takeaway at our local Italian restaurant (Enzos) and we wait almost an hour before the food comes. I don’t think I’ll be going back there again as I’ve given them enough chances with a similar experience each time. $30

9:00pm – I spend some time catching up on housework – ironing shirts, cleaning, washing dishes, folding clothes etc.

11:13pm – Spend some time in front of the computer to wind down by listening to some music and then I’m off to bed.

Daily Total: $253.91

Day 7

8:17am – Wake up and get ready to go to church. I eat a hastily made peanut butter sandwich before rushing out the door so that I’m not late for the morning service.

10:42am – Arrive at the gym with mixed feelings as I was feeling lazy but I knew that I should go exercise. I manage to have a solid workout.

11:51am – An early lunch and early shower means that I have more free time in the afternoon.

2:00pm – I spend another hour or two doing some research for my blog as well as writing up posts. On quiet weekends like this, I’m able to put more effort into maintaining my blog.

6:43pm -I have a “leftovers” dinner tonight as we try and clear out the fridge to make room for new food. I eat garlic bread, pizza, fish, leftover beef brisket and leftover stir fry vegetables.

7:39pm – Finish some more housework before relaxing for the rest of the night. Monday here I come!

Daily Total: $0.00


Weekly Total Spent $290.43
Food & Drink $40.00
Entertainment $209.93
Transport $40.50

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